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Why get a Personal Trainer?

The truth is that we
all struggle to maintain a consistent exercise routine.  Some of us will get exercise on a regular schedule for a while, but then 'fall off the wagon' when some injury, illness, or out-of-town trip causes a break in the routine, and it can take months to start exercising again.  Some of us will schedule exercise for ourselves, only to find other things that need to be done instead, when the time comes, thinking that we can do it tomorrow, but "tomorrow" never seems to arrive very often.

Some of us cringe at the very word, "exercise".  For these people I find it more helpful to use the word "movement" instead.  The truth is that we wouldn't need to exercise if we got enough movement during our daily routines.  You see, humans were designed/evolved to be hunter-gatherers.  In former times, we had to burn calories in the process of earning our calories.  Now, we sit in cars to get to our jobs, where we sit to earn the money, to buy our calories at a centralized location that we sit in cars to get to; not to mention all the sitting and lying around that we do at home.  Unfortunately, this societal change has happened too quickly for humanity to evolve to adapt to our far more sedentary lifestyles.  This has lead to the growing number of people effected by a variety of diseases, and the advent of gyms.

Many people have found that scheduling exercise with a personal trainer helps to insure that they will not only show up to workout, they also get a safer and more efficient workout.  Even if you have the discipline to exercise frequently you may not accomplish your goals or may even injure yourself, if you don't know how to exercise properly.  A Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) can show you the best exercises for achieving the results that you desire (different exercises are more effective at shaping different parts of the body) and the proper body alignment and form for those exercises, to achieve maximum results without injury.  He can also safely push you to work harder than you would otherwise push yourself, insuring you get the most out of your workout time.

So, when there are so many personal trainers out there, why choose Zenfinity Fitness?

When you are ready to take charge of your health through exercise, it is essential to work with a trainer who is not only knowledgeable about fitness, but is passionate about fitness, health and wellness.  Zenfinity Massage and Wellness’ philosophy is that people who get and stay fit experience a greater sense of confidence through personal achievement, leading to a happier outlook on life. Zenfinity’s personal trainer, Michael Raphael, LMT, CPT knows and lives his purpose in life: To be a facilitator for Healing.  Michael has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006, and a Chi Gong Instructor since 2009, Along the way, he has taught his clients customized stretches to target their specific musculoskeletal misalignments. Michael became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014 because he knew helping others to take care of their own health was a crucial component of Healthcare. Michael himself exercises 4-6 times a week and races in Triathlons (swimming, cycling, and running), so he understands how to overcome the challenges of staying fit in a busy world with family and work priorities vying for your time.

Michael will custom design a progressive exercise program for you, no matter what your level of conditioning, with a focus on posture correction, flexibility training, endurance training, and strength training, mostly using your own body weight (the old-fashioned way), so that you learn how to eventually stay fit on your own.  Exercise modifications will be made to accommodate whatever physical limitations you may have until you can overcome them, to the extent possible.  Michael will also recommend simple nutritional changes that you can make over time to support a healthy body weight and improve overall health.


Monthly Packages

Because we want you to take your health as seriously as we do, we only offer Personal Fitness Training by the Month, though if you are only in town for less than a month, or you want to get started in the middle of the month, we can work to custom-tailor a package for you.

Important Rules to Read BEFORE Purchasing

  • Your first session will be a Free Evaluation, which may include an interview, measurements, short fitness tests, and paperwork.
  • Sessions may be held at your home, your gym (check with your gym in advance about this), or at our home gym (Quayside Spa).
  • You will have regular sessions, scheduled in advance.
  • Last-minute Cancellations or No-Shows will represent a forfeit of that pre-paid session.  You may try to reschedule 24 hours or more in advance, but if a Zenfinity trainer is not available during any time that you wish to reschedule, you will have to forfeit that session.


1 Session/Wk.   = $200 ($50 per 1-hr. Session)
2 Sessions/Wk. = $376 ($47 per 1-hr. Session)

3 Sessions/Wk. = $528 ($44 per 1-hr. Session)

4 Sessions/Wk. = $656 ($41 per 1-hr. Session)

5 Sessions/Wk. = $760 ($38 per 1-hr. Session)