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Massage Therapy in Miami

Massage Therapy in Miami

Massage Therapy in MiamiMassage Therapy in MiamiMassage Therapy in Miami

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Although sometimes called "Lymphatic Drainage Massage", Manual Lymphatic Drainage is very different from a typical massage. It is extremely gentle pressing and stretching of the skin, not requiring the use of oil or lotion. It employs a very specific technique used to flush the lymphatic fluid, helping to eliminate cellular waste and toxins, along with excess fluids from inflammation and swelling.  

Because it has been clinically proven to be highly effective at improving a variety of conditions and causes no pain, it is frequently recommended by doctors.  Roxanne has been certified in the method developed by Dr. Vodder (the founding father of MLD).

                                                                          Absolute Contraindications

                                          (You CANNOT get MLD if you have these conditions) :

​Malignant Diseases/Tumors - This includes carcinomas, sarcomas, malignant growths in the lymphatic system, and various kinds of leukemia. MLD could carry (by means of the lymphatic system) and spread the tumor cells throughout the entire body. 

Acute Inflammations - Local or systemic (inflammation caused by antigens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals etc.)  Also, allergies caused by pollen, detergents, foods, etc. MLD can aggravate the situation and speed up the spread throughout the body and pass the lymph nodes without defense cells or antibodies being activated to fight it.

Acute/Deep Vein Thrombosis - In order to avoid the risk that a thrombus will detach from the vessel wall and travel as an embolus to organs (i.e. lungs).

Cardiac Insufficiency - Relating to the edematous area, which as a rule means the feet, ankles, and calves.

                                                                       Relative Contraindications

                               (You MAY not be eligable for MLD if you have these conditions):

Treated Cancer ​- Treatment is applied depending on the client’s immune situation and/or the tumor’s metastatic potential. Approval from physician is required.​

Precancerous Stages of the Skin

Chronic Inflammation

Low Blood Pressure - MLD lowers blood pressure, which may aggravate existing low blood pressure. 

Thyroid Disorder

Pregnancy & Menstruation - Not employable during 1st trimester or when there are complications during pregnancy. During menstruation, deep abdominal MLD is avoided.

Bronchial Asthma - Treatment should never continue more than 45 minutes and only during an attack free interval. Clients must always have their inhaler with them.​