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Eyelash Extensions

You Too Can Have Amazing Lashes 24/7!

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions  are not traditional false eyelash strips or eyelash flares/clusters.  Developed to enhance your natural eyelashes, each single strand is individually applied to a single eyelash, never directly to the skin.  Safe and comfortable to wear,  you can go about your normal routines of swimming, exercising, dancing, and living!

** Please note, for various reasons, I do not fill other lash tech's work**

With proper home care, you only need routine touch-ups to fill in shed lashes every 2 - 3 weeks, due to the regular growth & shed cycle of your natural lashes and your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, not every Lash Stylist provides the same level of conscientious care and attention to detail.  Before choosing a Lash Stylist, we highly recommend that you compare Before & After photos ,  the establishments' reviews and ratings, and the attention to detail on your intake/consultation. 



* Disease/Disorder that causes twitching of the eyes or shaking

* Any condition making it difficult to completely close your eyes

* Antibiotics/ certain medications 

* Seasonal Allergies and sensitive eyes 

* Extremely Oily Hair/Skin (oils will cause the adhesive to break down)

* Weak/Thin lashes (please use a lash growth serum for 8 weeks prior)

* Conjunctivitis, Dry Skin, or any skin condition around the eyes

Wait Time After the Following Procedures

Chemotherapy - 6 weeks

Surgical Procedures in eye area - 2-6 months

Microblading - 3 weeks

Permanent Makeup (Eye)  - 4 weeks

Permanent Makeup (Lips) - 3 weeks

Chemical Peel/Microbdermabrasion/Retin-A/Accutane - 4 weeks

Your Big Day

* Shower before your arrival

* Come without makeup around eye area and completely cleaned lashes so we can start application (Having me deep clean your lashes for you only cuts into your lash application time).

* If you wear contacts, bring your glasses. Lashes will not be applied if you are wearing your contacts.

* Dress comfortably as you will be resting on your back for approximately 2 hours.

* Phones Must Be On MUTE

After Care of Your Lovely Lashes

* Clean and Brush daily

* Avoid waterproof mascara

* Avoid oil based creams and cleansers near the eye area

* No lash curlers, perming, or tinting of lashes after application

* Avoid extreme heat (be cautious when opening the oven or blow drying your hair)

* DO NOT pull or tug on your lashes and be careful not to rub your eyes


Full Set = $150

Fill = $75 (2-3 Weeks)
Applying new lashes when less than 50% of previous lashes are still attached is considered  a "Full Set" application.